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In desperate need of a holiday…

End of September. A tear-stained, overtired girl arrives at the airport of her home town. What could have happened? A break up? An accident? Well, in my case: the end of holidays. Every single time I am sitting in the airplane which is unavoidably laying my home country I am wondering: Am I the only one who is crying her eyes out and making plans about hiding on the airplane toilet until the plane heads the direction back to my wonderful holiday island? When I look around everyone is laughing and talking and seems to be so totally excited about being home soon. So what is wrong with me? Maybe it’s the fact that the dull daily routine is approaching or that the bitter coldness of the weather and the people is already waiting at me, grinning like a bobcat.
Everyone loves having holidays abroad. No doubt. But I am hell of addicted to it. I have always felt at ease in the south. Hot weather and warm-hearted people everywhere. They always seem to be more friendly and relaxed over there.
And now since this day in September I am working my ass off. 40 hours a week, full-time job, little recognition. Not a single holiday. Four free days in a row are rarely and holy.
So, yes I am totally in desperate need of a holiday! I can’t even think about anything else anymore. I want to be there… in my paradise. A small Tunisian island, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

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Boredom rules!

Done absolutely nothing recently. Some days are full planned and you don’t even get time to take a breath. But now the time has come were all of the plans I am making with my friends aren’t working out. Really annoying. Just sitting around wanting to read a book. And what happens? I fall asleep - and goodbye five hours of my free afternoon! Leastwise I have worked today. But even the work isn’t fun anymore. Guess a social year in a hospital where you are poorly paid and have to work at every second weekend doesn’t give you the time of your life, huh? If at least there would be some interesting doctors like you see them in “Grey’s Anatomy” or something. And why do all the good events have to be at weekends and days I am working?! Again we learn: Life is like a TV serial. Only with a worse storyline and much more bad characters.

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Hello, hello

So, I started this blog on tumblr being dead set on sharing my life with some of you guys. This intention resulted in posting quotes and cat gifs. Now after a tumblr-free time I just decided to dare another new and fresh start and to make my blog more personal. The cat gifs and wise quote (which I didn’t even wrote myself- I am disastrous poet) will of course still be an essential part!

Well, I hope you can still enjoy reading my entries now ;)


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That’s also a way to spend my work-free time…

Sometimes life is just depressing. Spent the entire weekend suffering from snack attacks and thinking about why my crush always cancels the meetings HE is suggesting but gets in a huff when he hears that I am going to meet another guy. He is like “What’s his name!? Is that supposed to be a date with him!?”   And I am like: Why the fuck do you care!?”

If there is someone out there who is able to explain to me the logic of men I would be REALLY glad to hear it.

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